Prince George’s County School Students’ Artwork Displayed at PGHC

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Dimensions has partnered with The Visual Arts in Prince George’s County to provide an Art Gallery at Prince George’s Hospital Center.  The Gallery presents the artwork of students from elementary, middle, and high school grade levels from various schools in Prince George’s County in the visual arts program.

The program provides students with quality instruction in art at the elementary, middle and high school level. The Visual Arts program promotes the acquisition of and fluency in new ways of thinking, working, communicating, reasoning and investigating. Students develop an awareness of, and an appreciation for the skills in communicating through art.

The works currently exhibited at Prince George’s Hospital were selected based on quality and availability. They represent the students’ ability to analyze, synthesize and apply their knowledge and skills acquired in the Prince George’s County Visual Arts Program.

The works display the use of a wide variety of materials, techniques and technology as well as diverse subject matter.  We hope that you, our patients and visitors enjoy the artwork expressed by our talented youth.

We expect to expand the artwork to include other areas of Dimensions.

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