Ambulatory Surgery

Thousands of Surgeries. One Standard of Care…

Many surgical procedures which used to require hospitalization are now done safely and conveniently on an outpatient basis, on a schedule which accommodates both you and your doctor.

Our state-of-the-art surgical facilities offer many same-day surgeries, including biopsies, cataract extractions, laser surgeries, hernia repair, laparoscopies, arthroscopic, reconstructive and oral surgeries, plastic surgery, podiatry and endoscopy, orthopedics, in special surgical suites, recovery rooms and waiting areas offer same-day surgery patients the best in pre- and post-operative care, monitoring, comfort and convenience.

Most importantly, we have our same day surgery patients in and out quickly ­totally eliminating the need for a costly hospital stay. Generally in less than an hour following surgery, we have you on your way home for continuing recovery.

Our staff makes a special effort to assist children who have surgical procedures. For our very young patients and their parents, we provide a video and private tour of the operating and recovery areas as part of our pre-hospitalization program. We allow a parent to accompany a child into the operating room as well as stay in the recovery room when the child awakens from anesthesia.

Our entire surgical team is sensitive to the fear experienced by patients and family members during surgery. We believe education is the key to reducing this fear. All surgical patients meet with a nurse prior to surgery, to explain the operation and answer any questions.

For more information about the ambulatory surgery services at Laurel Regional Hospital call 301-725-4300, at Prince George’s Hospital Center call 301-618-2000 and at Dimensions Surgery Center call 301-809-2000.

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