Birth Center

In 2006, Prince George’s Hospital Center opened the first in-hospital birth center in Maryland. The birth center has a home-like atmosphere while being close to emergency facilities, if needed.


All of the rooms in the birth center feature a Jacuzzi tub, a large shower with a seat in a private bathroom, and a double bed. They offer women the option of a water birth. While most of our birth-center clients do not choose to give birth in the water, many women find the water to be an incredible source of comfort during labor. We also offer other alternative pain relief techniques.


In the birth center the focus is on labor support and helping you to have the safe and satisfying birth experience you are seeking. You will have a low-tech, supported, family-centered experience. For the comfort of your family and friends, there is a lounge area with a kitchenette, flat screen TV, and restroom.

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