Infusion Center

Welcome to the Infusion Center at Laurel Regional Hospital. The Infusion Center, which is staffed by experienced registered nurses and clinicians who specialize in intravenous treatments, offers outpatient services to those individuals who require single or frequent infusions of medications, including those with central lines, med ports, etc. We provide intravenous infusions for patients on antibiotics (infections), Remicaide (IBD), and Reclast (osteoporosis), blood transfusions, immunoglobulin and iron therapy, as well as offer PICC Insertion Services for those patients who require longer duration of intravenous therapy.

Planning for Your Treatment

Prior to your visit to the Infusion Center, you will pre-plan and prepare with your physician.

  • Plan to bring all medications you currently take in their original containers or make a list of all medicine (s) you take and allergies you may have. Include the dose, strength and frequency of each medication.
  • Bring all paper work given to you at your doctor’s office with you.
  • Pre-authorization will be done by the Infusion Center staff.
  • Pre-registration will be needed and you may need to bring a referral form.

Your Treatment Process

When you arrive, you will be given information about the infusion process. In order to ensure you receive safe, high-quality care, your doctor and nurse will ask important questions about your health and medication history. Your nurse will perform an initial health assessment by checking your temperature, heart rate, breathing and blood pressure. For your comfort, family and friends are welcome to accompany you.

Laurel Regional Hospital is a smoke-free hospital and campus, therefore patients and visitors are prohibited from smoking within the hospital and on the campus grounds. If you are trying to stop smoking, please let your nurse know. We can help—your total health is important to us.

After Treatment

The nurse will discuss your discharge plan and other follow-up appointments your physician has scheduled for you.

Follow up with your primary physician and if you have any questions, contact us during normal business hours (8am–1pm) at 301-725-4300.

In case of an emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

To schedule an appointment at Laurel Regional Hospital’s Infusion Center, please call 301-725-4300 or fax 301-617-8615.

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