Spiritual Support

Pastoral Care Department

“Finding meaning in illness, losses and suffering is essential for people to grow from their experience. I have witnessed people who have grown both emotionally and spiritually as their body suffered one loss after another. They have said that getting ill was the best thing that happened to them.” (Dr. Romayne Gallagher as quoted in Pamela Fayerman’s blog, Sept. 2009.)

With the Dimensions Healthcare System values in place, Laurel Regional Hospital started their first full time chaplaincy program in 2011 with the goal of meeting the spiritual needs of its patients, their families, and the staff. The chaplain is available for room visitation, prayer, support, and encouragement Monday-Friday 8:00-4:30.

The chaplain is an ordained clergyperson with years of experience in pastoral ministry, hospital visitation, and specialized healthcare training in CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) and HCMA (Healthcare Chaplains Ministry Association). He is passionate about serving people and helping them find their way through the hospital experience which can be life-changing, disquieting, and even traumatic.

Chaplaincy Services

  • You, a family member or friend, a staff member or nurse can request a chaplain at any time by calling the front reception desk and asking.
    LRH Phone: 301-725-4300
    Chaplain Office: 301-362-2040
    From within the hospital: 22040
    Email: Chaplain@dimensionshealth.org
  • The Chapel near the lobby (2nd floor) is always open for prayer and meditation. You may leave a prayer request on the table if you would like the chaplain to pray for anything.
  • Bibles and New Testaments (with the Psalms) in English and Spanish are available upon request from the Chaplain or the front reception desk.
  • All faith groups are welcome and respected in Laurel Regional Hospital. A patient may indicate a preference upon admission into the hospital or request someone from their group whenever the need arises.

Volunteer Chaplains

The Chaplain’s Office coordinates the volunteer services of the Spiritual Care Network—Local clergy from a number of faith groups as well as people from various “congregations” with the desire, training, and experience to serve (with the recognition and recommendation of their group). These volunteers are available on-call for weekend and evening/night needs here at Laurel Regional Hospital.

To start the volunteer application process click here.



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