Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center (DV/SAC)

The Sexual Assault Center at Prince George’s Hospital was established in 1975 to meet the growing demand for special services to victims of sexual assault and abuse. The Center treats persons of all ages and both sexes, and helps victims and their loved ones begin the healing process.

In 2010, the Center was renamed The Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center at Dimensions Healthcare System to encompass the newly expanded hospital-based domestic violence component. Services include: crisis intervention, crisis and follow-up counseling, safety planning, danger assessment, referral services, and victim advocacy. DV/SAC also trains medical staff to ensure a caring and efficient domestic violence response. DV/SAC operates 24/7 and offers free services.

The DV/SAC offers a full range of services to victims/survivors of sexual violence. These services include, but are not limited to:

Crisis Counseling

Assistance, support, and crisis counseling is available by phone and in person to adult and child victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse, incest survivors, and family members. Information and referrals are available by calling 301-618-3154.

Follow-up Counseling

Individual, family, play, and group therapy is offered during office hours to assist victims in handling the emotional trauma associated with sexual abuse, sexual assault, child physical abuse, and domestic violence. The goals of this service include providing emotional support to the survivors of assault and abuse and to the family members, teaching effective coping strategies and working through the effects of the trauma.

Forensic Exams

Comprehensive forensic exams are offered to victims when appropriate. These exams are performed by specially trained Sexual Assault Forensic Examiners (S.A.F.E) for the collection of evidence. Trained volunteers provide support and companionship throughout the exam process.

Victim Advocacy

An advocate works directly with the police, the Department of Social Services, and the State’s Attorney Office to assist the victim through investigative and legal processes. Services include court companionship and assistance writing victim impact statements.

Community Education

Presentations and programs are offered at no charge to any interested organization in order to increase public awareness of sexual assault, sexual abuse, and domestic violence. The programs focus on the nature of the problem and its prevention, providing educational materials on avoidance, awareness, myths and facts, and the emotional impact on the victims and their families.

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Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center
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