The Arthritis and Joint Institute

The Arthritis and Joint Institute at Prince George’s Hospital Center offers advanced imaging technology that enhances the repair and replacement of aging knees so you can get back on your feet faster. Computer guided navigation offers:

  • Increased precision and accuracy
  • Shorter procedure and faster recovery
  • Less invasive procedure and smaller incision

An Experienced Team

Our team of skilled healthcare professionals includes:

  • Nurse Practitioner to manage your care from start to finish
  • Registered Nurses experienced in orthopedic care
  • Case Managers
  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists

A Single Point of Contact

We provide the convenience of a single point of contact from pain management to surgery through recovery. A Nurse Practitioner guides each of our patients through the entire treatment process. Our patient-centered approach results in:

  • A streamlined health delivery process
  • The best individual treatment for each patient
  • Better coordination of the delivery of health and support services
  • The reduction or elimination of unnecessary steps and inconvenience.

New Approach

Joint replacement surgery with the aid of a Navigation System helps improve the results of your procedure. The System empowers surgeons to accurately fit new implant components specifically to the anatomy of the body, potentially giving you:

  • More exact implant placement
  • Extended life of the implant
  • Optimal joint positioning which restores mobility
  • Decreased possibility of a revision surgery
  • Faster recovery
  • Improvement in your quality of life

Think of a Navigation System as an assistant to surgery, providing your surgeon with extra support and guidance. The System helps your surgeon more precisely align your knee implant with computer imaging. Most importantly, with a Navigation System your surgeon is able to better optimize the implant’s alignment according to the structure of your body.

Gender-Specific Joint

The first and only implant shaped to fit a woman’s anatomy. The design is based on pioneering research that confirmed the differences between women’s and men’s knees. The outcome is a more comfortable, custom-fitting implant offering optimal range of motion.

Other Advantages of Computer-aided Knee Replacement Surgery are:

  • Smaller incisions as it’s a minimally invasive surgery
  • Less bleeding and chance of blood clotting
  • Less pain
  • Easy on the patient and doctor
  • Reduced chances of human error
  • Increased implant longevity as it reduces chances of bad alignment requiring revision surgeries

The total knee replacement usually lasts about 15 to 20 years. With the computer-assisted orthopedic surgery, the knee replacement can last longer without needing a revision surgery.

Because computer-assisted surgery allows more precise alignment and placement of the knee implant it may also extend the life-span of your knee replacement by reducing uneven wear. It also may help increase your range of motion.

In essence, computer-assisted surgery is like a GPS system for orthopedic surgeons. It allows for longer-lasting implants and fewer complications. Talk to our orthopedic surgeon to find out if computer-assisted knee replacement surgery is an available option for you.

For an appointment or information, please call The Arthritis and Joint Institute at Prince George’s Hospital Center at 301-618-2279.

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