Dimensions Healthcare System Board of Directors Approves UMMS Affiliation Agreement

TO: Dimensions Healthcare System & Facility Boards
Dimensions Healthcare System Medical Staff
Dimensions Healthcare System Employees
Dimensions Healthcare System Volunteers
Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital Team

FROM: C. Philip Nichols, Jr., Chairman of the Board
Neil J. Moore, MBA, MPH, MPA, President & CEO

SUBJECT: Dimensions Healthcare System Board of Directors Approved Affiliation Agreement

We are pleased to announce that on June 8, 2017, the Board of Directors of Dimensions
Healthcare System voted unanimously to approve the Definitive Agreement (affiliation
agreement) by which Dimensions will become an affiliate of the University of Maryland Medical
System (UMMS).

This is an important step, with several key milestones still to follow before UMMS becomes the owner of Dimensions. Over the summer, the UMMS Board of Directors is expected to review and vote on the Definitive Agreement to become the sole corporate member of Dimensions Healthcare System. Upon approval by the UMMS Board, the parties will work toward completion of several legal, regulatory, financial and transactional details required to complete the transition of Dimensions to UMMS ownership. In the interim, all parties are marching toward a new era of healthcare delivery for the citizens of Prince George’s County and Southern Maryland, with multiple disciplines and project teams dedicated to the effort. Leadership at Dimensions and UMMS will continue to inform constituents of significant developments along this exciting and complex journey.

Thank you for your patience and commitment to the organization as we move forward to enhance healthcare in Prince George’s County and the surrounding areas. You are the life line to the patients we serve and your service is greatly appreciated.

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