Employee News – 12-30-2011

“Kids Say the Darndest Things”

“Kids Say the Darndest Things” was the title of Art Linkletter’s famous TV show decades ago and picked up by Bill Cosby in the 90s. Some of those comments and situations have been memorialized in his book which came out in 1957. Today you can catch up on some of the fun on

Well, patients say the darnedest things, too. As the chaplain at LRH I see people get surprised by my visit. One guy exclaimed, “Who died?” In the ER I pleasantly introduced myself and before I could get to the nature of my visit, the patient’s daughter asked, “Are you here to give last rights?” Seeing her mischievous grin, I chuckled and said, “No, I’m just going around this morning to see who’s here, see who’s awake, and welcome you to our place.”

Those two times they were obviously joking. Of course, we need discernment to see when their fear or anxiety is real. While everything we do in healthcare is serious, we can do it with a joyful heart. The book of Proverbs says “A cheerful heart is good medicine.” Modern research confirms it.

Rev. Kenneth L. Curl, M. Div.,
Laurel Regional Hospital,
Dimensions Health System
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Bowie Health Center and Dimensions Surgery Center Hosts Youth Leadership

Bowie Health Center and Dimensions Surgery Center hosted Youth Leadership Bowie on December 15, 2011. Students from Bowie High School, who are interested in careers in the healthcare field, toured BHC and DSC and interviewed various staff members about their experiences in a healthcare setting.

Helen Knowles
Administrative Services Manager
BHC -Executive Office
15001 Health Center Drve
Bowie, MD  20716
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January EMS Webinar CANCELED. Next session – February 1, 2012

The EMS educational webinar session that was scheduled for January 4, 2012 has been CANCELED.

The next session scheduled is February 1, 2012  and will beManagement of the Mangled Upper Extremity. The March 7 session will be “Sudden Death of the Young Athlete

Sessions run from 7pm -9pm on in the PGHC Auditorium. Participants at PGHC will be able to communicate over the internet with the speakers in Baltimore and even ask questions.

Light refreshments will be provided.  Nurses who attend will receive a certificate of attendance for 1-2 hours of Trauma continuing education.  This presentation is also open to EMS providers in Prince George’s County and EMS CEU’s are also available.

As a reminder, ALL nurses who care for the trauma pt are required by MD state regulations to have annual trauma specific continuing education.  The CCC, ED, PACU, and OR must have 8 hours/year.  All other units need 4 hours/year.

Sandy Waak

Bowie Health Center Holiday Pot Luck Luncheon

Bowie Health Center celebrated the holiday season with its annual pot luck luncheon on December 16th. The employees contributed lots of delicious food and desserts for the staff and a good time was had by all. This is a tradition that has been taking place at BHC for many years and we have many wonderful cooks.

Helen Knowles
Administrative Services Manager
BHC -Executive Office
15001 Health Center Drive
Bowie, MD  20716
52035 (w-internal)
301-809-2035 (w)

Unit Practice Councils Driving Change

Unit Practice Councils (UPCs) are making Relationship Based Care a living and breathing part of our organization.

UPCs are made up of staff members who regularly meet to discuss and devise ways to make our mission, values and vision a part of our daily life.  The UPC staff members work as a team to make decisions about our environments and patient care/practice issues.

Dimension’s executive leadership and managers are supportive of this decentralized approach to improving patient care and they attend meetings and monitor the progress of the groups.

At Laurel Regional Hospital, many nursing units have Unit Practice Councils, and other departments are just beginning their journeys.

PGHC has UPCs on many units and they are making an impact in a myriad ways.

Please share your experiences and ideas with UPC members and your manager because together we will experience lasting change.

Laurie O’Connell M.S. CCC-SLP
Director of Physical Medicine
301-362-2050 (fax)

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