Volunteering at Laurel Regional Hospital


Laurel Regional Hospital is proud of its team of committed, enthusiastic and creativevolunteers, which includes the Laurel Regional Hospital Auxiliary. Volunteers can be found assisting departments throughout the hospital. In addition to providing patient support, our volunteers provide fundraising support through a variety of planned projects throughout the year. Additional funds are raised through the Glass Palace Gift Shop.

If you are a dedicated individual willing to help through committed service, we invite you to join us!

Reasons to Volunteer

At Laurel Regional Hospital, volunteers are welcomed as a significant part of the healthcare team, working with staff to provide quality healthcare and services. There are many reasons to volunteer at Laurel Regional Hospital:

  • Satisfaction of helping others
  • Opportunity to use existing skills and develop new skills
  • Able to share ideas
  • Explore possible career options
  • Give back to your community
  • Meet school requirements for graduation
  • Meet new and wonderful people
  • Make friends that will last a life time

Volunteers at Laurel Regional Hospital are shown the hospital’s appreciation with:

  • Discounted meals – during your normal work schedule
  • Free flu shots &  PPD screenings
  • Active participation in hospital special functions
  • Free access to the hospital’s gym
  • Scholarship for teens (a $1,000 scholarship is available to a high school senior volunTEEN who has been accepted into some field of medicine. Call 240-456-4764 for more information.)
  • Annual recognition (during National Volunteer Week in April, an Annual Awards Reception is held for all volunteers)


There are many volunteer opportunities throughout the hospital. The availability of assignments varies and is based on needs of each department. As a volunteer at Laurel Regional Hospital you will have the opportunity to:

  • Welcome  and escort visitors and patients
  • Support staff, patients, and their families
  • Assist with general clerical tasks and run errands
  • Participate in fund raising events

Volunteer areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Reception areas (including Emergency and Surgical Waiting)
  • Gift Shop (Managed by Auxiliary adult Volunteers -some TEEN volunteers may be accepted under special circumstances-All profits from the Gift Shop benefit the hospital.)
  • Fund Raisers (Sponsored by the Auxiliary volunteers throughout the year. Proceeds benefit the hospital. Fund raisers include jewelry, book and uniform sales.)
  • General Clerical Areas
  • Imaging, Patient Registration, Physical Therapy and Surgical Services
  • All nursing units

Volunteer Requirements

Minimum Age

  • Must be at least 15 years old

Number of Hours Required & Attendance

  • Adults: Minimum of 40 hours over a four-month period
  • College Students: Minimum of 100 hours over the course of a year
  • VolunTEENs: Minimum of 40 hours during the summer
  • Volunteers are expected to meet their commitments to their scheduled work hours.

Application Process

  • All prospective volunteers must complete a volunteer application. To complete your application online please click on the “Careers” option at the top of this page, then click “Apply Now”. Go to the Job Category window, scroll down and highlight Volunteers/Clergy/Students (Non-paid positions), then click Begin Search.
  • Applicants are considered based on the assessed needs of hospital departments, skills and interests of the volunteer, and an applicant’s ability to demonstrate personal commitment to the volunteer program.
  • A background check will be done on all adult volunteers.
  • Once all requirements have been met volunteers will be required to attend a scheduled orientation session.
  • Based on the interview and completeness of all required forms and classes, etc., volunteers are given assignments and are provided with a uniform (which must be purchased) and an identification badge. At that time, further training with veteran volunteers and/or staff members is arranged.

If you have decided that becoming a volunteer at Laurel Regional Hospital is the right decision for you, we ask that you please contact the Director of Volunteer Services at 240-456-4764 or 410-792-2270 ext. 74764.
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