Dimensions Healthcare System (DHS) is interested in educating and inspiring the next generation of progressive students.  We provide an opportunity for individuals to gain a valuable professional experience and build invaluable leadership skills.

We look for proficient people who have the skills needed to help us carry out the mission, vision and values of this organization.  Through a variety of programs, our internship program is intended to attract exceptional people who are looking for a rewarding experience while strengthening their understanding of how a healthcare system operates.

We offer an extremely diverse environment and an opportunity to gain practical, challenging and meaningful on-the-job experience in a carefully monitored work-learning atmosphere.

DHS offers a combination of paid and unpaid internships at our various facilities.

We are looking for interns who:

  • Are self-motivated and eager to learn
  • Have unique gifts to share
  • Are not afraid to ask questions
  • Want to contribute talents to something greater
  • Have excellent customer service skills
  • Enjoy helping people
  • Are energetic and excited about new challenges
  • Want to inspire and be inspired
  • Looking to expand on practical knowledge

Internship Categories & Requirements -  Click Here

How to Apply - Click Here

FAQ’s - Frequently Asked Questions -  Click Here



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