The mission of the Foundation is to provide financial and other assistance to the Hospital, to assume certain fundraising and similar Hospital functions where appropriate, thereby assuring the continued provision of quality health care to the citizens of Prince George’s County, Maryland.

About the Foundation

The Prince George’s Hospital Center Foundation was established in 1989 as an independent organization to raise money to support the Hospital Center. Funds raised by the Foundation may not be used for any purpose other than to benefit the Hospital.

Over the past ten years, the Foundation has received more than 4,575 gifts amounting to more than $4 million in donations. With these proceeds the Foundation has provided the Hospital Center with funding for capital equipment, construction and renovation projects.

Board Members

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors made up of members of the community, local businesses, and representatives from the medical staff, administration, the Hospital Center’s Governing Board and Dimensions Healthcare System executive staff.

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Foundation Initiatives

The Foundation’s business operations are managed by a director and staff, with the generous help of volunteers. The Foundation has three primary goals for the upcoming year. They include:

Building a $5 million endowment for the continued support of hospital programs;
Developing, implementing and expanding an Annual Giving program including donor recognition; and,
Developing and enhancing our process of seeking funds through Grants and Matching Fund programs.

Foundation Programs and Services

Annual Giving

Our annual giving program includes contributions given to the Foundation throughout the year. Our program’s purpose is designed to cultivate interest and support for the Hospital Center. Special mailings are developed which focus on different hospital needs and are mailed to the community on a regular basis. Donations are made, in most cases, to support specific programs although we receive many unrestricted gifts. Individuals also make donations in “memory of” or “in honor of” significant individuals in their lives. This program allows donors to get involved in our organization by supporting their personal interests and needs.

Planned Giving

This program provides opportunities for individuals with estate plans and financial circumstances that would be enhanced by the tax savings of planned gifts. Apart from the tax benefits, these individuals primarily want to advance the work of the foundation. Individuals make contributions under planned giving by naming the Hospital Center Foundation in a bequest through a will; as beneficiary of an insurance policy or annuity; as a recipient of appreciated property or securities, or as the beneficiary of other financial arrangements that may relieve the donor of tax responsibilities. There are planned giving opportunities that can also assure lifetime income while providing the donor with a tax deduction.

Special Events

The Foundation hosts various special fund-raising events throughout the year. The largest of these fund-raisers is a black tie Gala held each spring. The Foundation is also the recipient of proceeds raised through the Dimensions Healthcare System annual Golf Tournament each summer. Proceeds from these activities go to the Foundation for the benefit of the Hospital Center’s programs and services.

Capital Campaigns

The Foundation has sponsored several capital campaigns during the past ten years. These special efforts to raise large amounts of funding have supported renovation of the Cardiac Care Unit, Construction of the Pavilion and, most recently, renovation and construction of the new Emergency Department.

Prince George’s Hospital Center Guild

The Guild has been active in fund-raising and volunteer efforts since the doors of the hospital opened back in 1944. Through the years, the Guild has conducted many fund-raising programs such as shoe/clothing, jewelry, book and flower sales. As a result they have raised approximately $3 Million for the hospital and its patients. Donations made by the Guild are now received by the Foundation where they are placed in a restricted fund to address future hospital needs.

Guild members also volunteer their time by offering services to patients and staff including a “shopping cart,” “patient library,” and assistance at the hospital’s main entrance to name a few activities.

Foundation Fund Management

The finance committee, a subcommittee of the Foundation Board of Directors, recommends how the Foundation funds are invested and disbursed. To that end, the Foundation has several investment policies that guide the organization. Foundation funds are currently invested in certificates of deposit and interest bearing money market accounts.

Prince George’s Hospital Center Foundation
3001 Hospital Drive
Cheverly, Maryland 20785
301-618-2112 phone
301-618-3966 fax

We can help you match our philanthropic opportunities with your values. To find out how contact our Foundation staff at:

Bowie Health Center Foundation

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Helen Knowles
Phone: 301-809-2035

Laurel Regional Hospital Foundation

Amy Karfonta
Phone: 301-497-7913

Prince George’s Hospital Center Foundation

Shemika Stackhouse
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Dimensions Healthcare System Foundation

Suzanne C. Almalel
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Or, mail your gift to:

Dimensions Healthcare System - Foundations
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