Core Curriculum

Conferences and Rounds

The conference schedule is displayed in the department at the beginning of each month by the chief residents and is available to all residents. This is to provide residents enough time to prepare the topics and/or cases for presentation for the month.

Core Lecture Series

At the beginning of each academic year there will be a month of core lecture series conducted by the full time and the voluntary faculty. The lectures will cover a wide range of core internal medicine and subspecialty topics that the new residents should be familiar with. The topics are based on the curriculum and the lecture schedule will be posted at the beginning of the month by the chief residents.

Night Float Rounds

Start at 7:00 am sharp in J500. Bedside rounds whenever possible. The Night Float Team &Accepting Team is required to be present to handover night admissions. All other house staff are welcome to attend. Conducted by faculty.

Clinical and Didactic Rounds

All floor team and subspecialty residents will have clinical rounds with their attending daily. Didactics related to patients present on the team as well as those outlined by the curriculum for core internal medicine and sub-specialties will be included in the month.

Morning Report

Starts at 8:00am in J500. Residents will cover all floor duties during this time. This is mandatory for all residents except those in ICU and Ambulatory residents.  Usually the intern presents the case with the senior residents presenting a 10 minute summary of the topic. Chief residents will make a morning report schedule at the beginning of each month.

Ambulatory Conference

Residents rotating through the ambulatory clinic will have their conference at Glenridge Clinic at 8:00am sharp. The senior resident in the clinic will make the conference schedule for the month and assign topics to interns and medical students for the month. Topics will be chosen from a list of important ambulatory care topics as per the ambulatory curriculum. One faculty member will conduct the conference.

Noon Didactic Conference

Starts at noon sharp in J500. Lunch provided on most days and will be available starting at 11:30am. Residents are required to sign-in for attendance. Residents’ performance evaluations may be affected by your attendance. The RRC and the ACGME also require attendance documentation.

Grand Rounds

On Wednesdays, 12:30 pm in the auditorium unless announced otherwise.  All residents are expected to attend.  Lunch is provided.  There is a resident sign-in sheet for this conference.

Journal Club

This is in the J500 Conference room weekly. Schedule made by the chief residents at the beginning of the month for each floor team to present. The articles can be the presenters’ choice. Also, the senior resident will be expected to answer questions and review data using evidence-based medicine.

Morbidity and Mortality Conference

M and M will be held frequently. The chief residents will post the schedule. May be a multi-specialty conference. Risk management team is usually invited to attend. All residents and students are expected to attend. If an autopsy is conducted on the case, findings must be included.


Residents will be informed via text pages of any upcoming autopsies. Case history and autopsy findings will be available in the department on request in compliance with HIPAA guidelines.



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